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Consolidation loans without creditworthiness – Useful information

Taking several loans at a similar time means that the borrower is forced to pay several principals and interest installments at different times to different lending institutions. Over time, as a result of various situations that may occur in private or professional life, it may lose creditworthiness and the ability to pay installments on time. Read More

Thrift Debt Closure Loan

The use of credit to withdraw debt from Thrift can be used by our retired citizens up to 60 months without the appropriate interest rate and guarantor. Thrift debt closing applications, which can be used by retirees for credit and credit card debt up to 65,000 USD, can be made to Thrift branches. What are Read More

Debt Collection Archives

Requesting a mini loan is recommended if you want to borrow a small amount for a short time. This can even be done with BKR or without BKR testing.   What is a minilening? Requesting a minilening can be what you are looking for. However, before you apply for your minilening, it is useful to Read More

Advantages of acquiring a property with a mortgage loan

Do you have doubts about whether applying for a mortgage loan is a good option for your finances? Then you need to read this article, where you can know the advantages of acquiring a property with a mortgage loan. A significant step in the life of every person A significant step in the life of Read More

Vehicle insurance: reasons to look for one before the end of the day

Every driver’s nightmare is something that happens to the car and drives it on a daily basis, especially if it is a new vehicle. Some use it to go to work and mobilize, while for others it is their main work tool. But whatever uses you give, something happens to your car profoundly affects the Read More

Home mortgage insurance when it is mandatory?

  Did you go to apply for a mortgage to buy your first home and did the banks and institutions you turned to inform you that you also need to take out a mortgage insurance policy? I imagine you have confused ideas, you don’t know if the insurance for the mortgage is obligatory and if, Read More

The Drop in Mortgage Rates and the Real Estate Market

  The trend of real estate sales in Italy continues on a positive note. The source is Istat, which published data for the second quarter of 2016 on 4 November: the purchase and sale contracts for real estate units grew by 17.9% compared to the previous quarter and by 20.6% compared to the same period Read More

Check credit information for free Easy Instructions

When applying for a loan, the loan provider may check the applicant’s credit history with the register. In this situation, the action is automatic and the applicant does not have to worry about anything other than pure credit history, but certain situations require some activity on their part and retrieval of credit information themselves. These Read More

Like having a credit card, with or without a pay slip

How to get a credit card from your bank? Want to know how to get a credit card from your bank? What documents to present and what details should you pay attention to? We will explain to you quickly how to carry out all the necessary steps, also advising you on the various opportunities that Read More